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Escondido Congregate Care is all about creating a welcoming community where seniors can enjoy life to the fullest. We offer a supportive yet independent lifestyle, with customized services and amenities to make life easier and more enjoyable. Our seniors can make new friends, pursue their interests, and feel at home in a safe and friendly environment. We treat our residents like family, emphasizing inclusivity, respect, and compassion.

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At Escondido Congregate Care, we're dedicated to creating a secure, supportive, and vibrant community for seniors. We enhance their quality of life through outstanding services, amenities, and tailored care that promote independence and social connections. Our goal is to provide an inviting, all-inclusive home where seniors can enjoy a carefree lifestyle.


Our vision is to stand as one the provider of independent living services for seniors. We aspire to be known for our exceptional care, thriving communities, and unwavering dedication to enhancing our residents' quality of life. Within our culture of inclusivity, respect, and compassion, seniors are cherished, engaged, and supported in their pursuit of passions and interests.

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