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Welcome to Escondido Congregate Care!

Our community promote personal freedom, individual expression, and connection.

Surrounded by active and engaged individuals eager to make meaningful connections.

Who is Right For Independent Living?

Our Independent Living residents are seniors seeking a carefree lifestyle in a community setting that allows them to enjoy their daily lives with ease. Although they are still self-sufficient and active, they appreciate the added convenience of assistance with daily chores and more demanding maintenance tasks.

A Glimpse into the Life of an Independent Living Resident

  • Ideal for those who can still live independently but enjoy access to assistance if needed
  • Interested in a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Ready to live worry-free from home maintenance and chores
  • Wants to learn, explore, discover, and relax

Some residents thrive on the social environment they find in their communities, while others are simply searching for a little more rest and relaxation. Our communities are full of interesting, diverse, and vibrant seniors ready for the next chapter in their lives.

image of 3 elders

Our Enriched Retirement Community caters to individuals who desire a fulfilling and hassle-free lifestyle. Here, our residents are in the prime of their lives, maintaining their independence and vitality while relishing the added support for daily tasks and any more challenging maintenance needs they may have.

image of an old man

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